Our team STL share of chance we were refugees in the city of Berlin. We took this as our challenge and realized that our mission today is to influence and support Jewry here. At the moment we become an official part of the Chabad Berlin community in a unique direction with Russian-speaking Jews.We firstly want to unite Ukrainian refugees and also bring together Russian-speaking assimilated Jews who are living in Germany to make a big and strong Russian-speaking community in Berlin.

Germany is the only EU member that proposes special immigration rights for Jews – particularly by the means of article 23. And Berlin is the only city to have a Jewish infrastructure completely created, starting with from kindergartens to the Jewish University.

We have a promising yearly activity plan and schedule including diverse events such as camps and shabbatons created to meet each other, create unique bonds between us, promote the Jewish lifestyle, get everyone together and prevent assimilation. On this basis, we will expand to regular weekly events and projects to bring the whole community together.

Passover camps
This spring we held an Passover camp for Russian-speaking teenagers, which took place on April 14-18 (Nisan 13-17). About 30 Ukrainian Jewish teenagers came to us, who are now in different European countries such as Germany, Austria, Poland, etc. We spent two Seders and a kosher and joyful Passover together.
April 20-24 (Nisan 19-23) we held a youth Passover camp, which brought together about 30 young Jewish boys and girls from all over Europe. It was a good opportunity for them to spend a kosher Passover and relax with friends during this difficult time.
Weekly meetings
Sunday meetings
From the end of March, we began to hold children's Sunday meetings. Participants are Russian-speaking boys and girls aged 6 to 12 years. In our classes, the guys listen to interesting lessons on the weekly chapter from the best teachers, train creative thinking and fine motor skills at master classes, study useful soft-skills and then consolidate their knowledge in a playful way at the event along with madrichs.
Meels for teenagers
In May, we started having Shabbat meals for teenagers every week. This is an opportunity for them to listen to kiddush, eat kosher food and have fun on Shabbat.
Meals for youth
Every Friday and Melave Malka we gather Jewish boys and girls and go to meals with them. This project gives young people the opportunity to take a break from everyday life in good company and eat meals according to all the rules.
Our plans for summer
August 8-11
August 8-11
Teens shabbaton
4 days (50 people)
Hotel - 10000€
Food - 13000
STAFF - 3200€
Program / materials / transport - 10950€
TOTAL: 37150€
August 12-21
August 12-21
Students camp
10 days (100 people)
Hotel - 50000€
Food - 65000€
STAFF - 12400€
Program / materials / transport - 51100€
TOTAL: 178500€
August 22-31
August 22-31
Family and kids camp
10 days (100 people)
Hotel - 50000€
Food - 65000€
STAFF - 13900€
Program / materials / transport - 59300€
TOTAL: 188200
Total for the summer
403 850€
Hope for your help and support!
We are glad to have partners like you and can´t wait to make new projects together!